Department of Hindi

Department of Hindi

As an Indian Citizen it is our privilege knowing Hindi, our national language. Department of Hindi provides an opportunity to redeem our cultural diversity through the language Hindi which represents each and every other Indian languages and different cultures and Civilizations in India.

Literature deals with human brain and emotions. It moulds human perspectives. It is inevitable for the formation of a noble and responsible citizen who represents the society. Hindi literature has a great legacy which includes great contributions to other Indian languages. It has accepted many tributes from other global languages. Truly it represents India. Department of Hindi develops such an opportunity to know more and more about humanity and mankind.

From the beginning of the college there was Hindi as additional language for study. At present we have seven batches of students for Hindi class.

    • B.Sc. Mathematics Model-II
    • B.Sc.Physics Model II
    • B.Com Model I
    • B.Sc Chemistry Model I
    • B.A. History Model II
    • B.A. English Model I

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