Community Colleges are an alternative system of education which aims to empower individuals through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and community. They offer the advantage of tailoring programmes to local needs and state-based requirements by using approaches that will be most acceptable to workers in the given community.
Back ground of Community Colleges Scheme in India

India, at present, is recognized as one of the younger nations in the world with over 50% of the population under the age of 30 years. It is estimated that by about 2025, India will have 25% of the world’s total workforce. In order to harness the full demographic dividend, India needs an education system which is of high quality, affordable, flexible and relevant to the individuals, as well as to the society as a whole.

The 12th Five Year Plan Document of the Planning Commission has laid a special emphasis on expansion of skill-based programmes in higher education. It recommends setting up of Community Colleges (CC) to serve multiple needs, including: 

  1. Career oriented education and skills to students interested in directly entering the workforce;
  2. Contracted training and education programmes for local employers;
  3. High-touch remedial education for secondary school graduates not ready to enroll in traditional colleges, giving them a path to transfer to three or four year institutions; 
  4. General interest courses to the community for personal development and interest.

Pavanatma Community College   

 It is a matter of pride to be a part of Community college Scheme from the beginning itself. We are one of the 15 colleges which are provided the status of ‘Community Colleges’ in Kerala. In India 150 Colleges have been selected and given the status of Community colleges in 2014. Sanctioned Course : “Diploma in ‘DTP & Printing Technology”

Special Features:

  1.  Facility to earn while studying.
  2. UGC Scholarship of Rs.1000/- per month on the basis of attendance.

Industrial Partnership

  1. Rashtra Deepika Ltd.            
  2. Kerala Printers Association, Idukki District.


Course Coordinator: Boby Thomas Athickal (Dept of Commerce)
Ph: 9495394362

Pavanatma College

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