Pavanatma Parent Teacher Association

The Pavanatma PTA acts as a catalyst between the students and teachers and helps in the upkeep of the college. PTA activities are co-ordinated by a committee consisting of teachers and parents. The Principal is the president and secretary is elected from the teachers. Vice president and joint secretary are selected from the parents. Every parent/guardian is a member of the association by paying the prescribed membership fee. Parents meeting on class basis are also convened to analyze the performance of each student in the curricular and co-curricular activities. The PTA of the College is maintaining close relationship with the College and authorities to strengthen the higher education programmes initiated in this rural area.

Vision & Mission


  • To promote student’s knowledge, well-being and educational success through strong parent and community involvement.


  • To make every student’s potential a reality.


  • To work for the welfare of the students and the institution and to offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the college.
  • To promote better participation of parents in the various programmes of the college and to establish a better liaison with teachers.
  • To set up facilities in the college premises for the benefit of the students as and when required.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc. to benefit students showing high proficiency in their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • An active PTA functions in the college with a Teacher Secretary and a Parent Vice President. An Executive Committee comprising of parents of the top students in each class as well as teacher representatives and a general body consisting of all parents and teachers meet occasionally for the healthy and peaceful functioning of the college. The PTA has been playing an active and important role in the growth and development of the college. 
  • A part of the financial burden of several academic and other activities were also borne by the PTA. They include the subscription of periodicals in the college library; purchase of library books; purchase of chemicals for the laboratory purpose; beautification and furnishing of the Seminar Hall; maintenance and modification of toilets; repairing of Photostat machine; electrification of the class rooms, purchasing, repairing and updating of the computers and the UPSs; replacement of unusable lights and fans; maintenance of the public addressing system etc.
  •  PTA Meeting will be scheduled once in a semester as per academic schedule.
  • Academic performances in internal and semester examination will be discussed.
  •  The regularity(attendance) and other issues shall be discussed.
  • Parents may contact the concerned faculty advisors/ hostel wardens(hostel related queries only) to get prompt and quick information.

PTA Committee


Dr .Johnson V (Principal)                

PTA Vice President:

 Sri. Thomas

PTA Secretary

Dr. Domini V.A.  (Associate Professor , HOD PG Dept. of Commerce)

Class Mentors

Heads of the Departments    

Mr.Saji K Jose (PG Dept. of Chemistry)
9447823405,04868 263 615

Dr. Domini V A (PG Dept. of Commerce)

Mr. Arun Varghese (Dept. of Computer Science)

Sr.Jolly K V (Dept. of English)

Mr. Joice Tom (Dept. of Hindi)

Rev. Dr. Joby John (PG Dept. of History)

Rev.Dr. Bennichen Scaria (PG Dept. of Malayalam)

Mr. Sijo P George (PG Dept. of Mathematics)

Dr. Saji Joseph (Dept. of Physics)

Mr. Gijo George (Dept. of Physical Education)

Class Mentors

Dept. of Commerce

K1    : Mr.Jins Mathew, Mr. Shaji Thomas
K2    : Ms.Josmy Varghese,Mr.Boby Thomas
K3    : Mr.Anoop Joseph,Ms.Merin Jose
K4    : Dr.B Sindhu
K5    : Dr.Domini V A

Dept. of Chemistry

C1    : Mr.Saji K Jose
C2    :Mr.Tijo Antony
C3    : Ms.Anju Augustine
C4    : Ms.Alize Maria Mathew
C5    : Ms.Jincy Joy

Dept.of PetroChemistry

PC1  : Ms.Ardra C.Mathew

PC2  : Ms.Soumyamol P S

PC3  : Ms.Adona Vincent

Dept. of Mathematics

M1    : Mr.Arun Varghese
M2    : Mr.Bobin George
M3    : Mr.Tijo James
M4    : Ms.Athira Divakaran
M5    : Ms.Deena Babu

Dept. of Physics

P1    : Mr.Joyson George
P2    : Mr. Bineesh Jose
P3    : Dr. Mathew K Varghese

Dept. of History

H1    : Mr.Santhosh George
H2    : Ms.Mariyat George
H3    : Mr. Jijo Jayaraj

H4    : Ms.Sheeba George

H5    : Dr. Suneesh K.K.

Dept. of Economics

E1    : Ms.Sari Sivan

E2    : Ms.Deepa Thomas

E3   : Ms.Vineetha K.

Dept. of Malayalam

ML1    : Ms.Gigi George
ML2    : Ms.Ashamol Joseph
ML3    : Rev.Dr.Bennichen Scaria
ML4    : Ms.Remyamol G
ML5    : Dr.Sr. Bincy C.J.

Dept. of English

EL1    : Sr.Molly M A
EL2    : Ms.Navya John & Mr. Bijith M.
EL3    : Sr.Jolly K. V.& Ms. Nivea P.Johny

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