• Pavanatma Alumni Association - PAA functions for maintaining an everlasting cordial relationship between the Alumni and Alma mater. The student coordinator for each department keeps a track of their senior batch.
  • Pavanatma Alumni Association strives to develop connections among alumni and students and strengthen their commitment to college.
  • Pavanatma Alumni Association represents the interests of Pavanatma graduates. We are committed to keeping our alumni informed, involved and invested in the alumni community. Alumni offer communications, events, benefits and services for our current and future alumni.
  • To help financially weaker sections of pavantma student community by providing scholarship, grants... 




PAID is an organization started by former pavanatma students abroad several alumni are active member of paid. The PAID volunteers have mobilized a fund, which is being used for meeting the educational needs of under privileged children of the college and nearly educational institutions.

Members and well wishers of PAID can deposit donations in the PAID account. The Alumni coordinator and principal will select the students eligible to set financial support each year. At the annual alumni meeting the details of donation and amount collections, distributions etc will be presented.


  • Alumni provide a financial support for students those who are financially weak.
  • Maintain a good communication with former students.


Notable Alumni