Facilities for Women in the Campus

Gender Sensitization Action Plan 2021-22

Women’s Cell

The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd.


Coordinators: Dr B Sindhu & Ms. Josmy Varghese

Research and P G Department of Commerce

Contact: 9388775422, 9526516283


Seminar on ‘Practical Issues of Youth in the Society’

KSWDC-Women cell conducted a seminar on the topic ‘Practical issues of Youth in the Society as on 7th February, 2018 at 1.30 PM to 4 PM in the Seminar Hall. The Seminar was lead by Smt. Joshy K.J, Station Officer, Vanitha cell, Kerala Police, Kattapppana. She addressed the issues of the current society related to youth including male and female. From her words, ‘women abusing cases, man missing cases, absconding cases, family problems are increasing day by day. The urgency of improving the healthy family environment is necessary in the present society’.

Programme Schedule


Welcome Address: Dr.B.Sindhu (Coordinator, KSWDC-Women cell)

Presidential Address: Dr.JohnsonV( Principal)

Keynote Address: Smt.Joshy K J, Station Officer,

Kerala Police Vanitha Cell, Kattappana, Idukki

Felicitations: 1.Rev.Dr.Bennichan Scaria(Vice Principal)

2. Rev.Dr.James Punnaplackal (Bursar)

3.Dr.Domini V A ( HOD,Research and PG Department of Commerce)

Vote of Thanks: AksharaJyothi K S ( Women Cell Member)

Seminar on ‘Issues of Cyber world’

KSWDC-Women Cell conducted a seminar on the topic ‘Issues of Cyber World’ as on 14th February, 2018 at 1PM to 4PM in the Seminar hall, Pavanatma College, Murickassery. The Seminar was lead by Sri.Mobin K Eldho, Cyber Cell, Kerala Police, Idukki and team. They informed about current issues in the society related to unwanted usage of mobile phone and the internet. They gave warning to the participants for misusing the calls and the internet.

Programme Schedule


Welcome Address: Josmy Varghese (Coordinator, KSWDC_Women cell)

Presidential Address: Dr.Johnson v (Principal)

Keynote Address : Sri. Mobin K Eldho, Cuber Cell, Kerala Policce, Idukki

Felicitations: 1. Sr.Jolly K M ( HOD, Dept. Of English)

2. Rev.Dr.Bennichan Scaria (Vice principal)

3. Dr.Domini V A (HOD, Research and P G Dept of Commerce)

Vote of Thanks :NeethuYohannan, Secretary, KSWDC Women cell

Cultural and Literal Activities


Writing competitions were conducted for the students to encourage their skills in writings and drawings to reach heights. It was conducted during the last week of February.

Story Writing Competition has been conducted on the topic ‘Women and Current Society.’

First prize :AneetaKurian, BA Malayalam

Second prize: HariprasadR , Department of Chemistry

Essay Writing Competition has been conducted on the topic ‘Women and Society.’

First prize :Sr Emily Mathew , Department of Commerce

Second prize :Asin Sebastian, department of Commerce

Poetry writing Competition is held on the topic ‘Women and World.’

First prize : AneetaKurian, BA Malayalam

Second prize : Thomas Kurian, B A History

Drawing competition is duly conducted on the topic ‘Women in the Challenging World’

First prize : Nibin Joseph, B Sc Physics

Second prize :Raveena Ravi, BA Malayalam

All the competition were conducted ensuring the participation of all the students both boys and girls. Too many articles and drawings were received .The best writings and drawings were selected and cash prizes were distributed.

Manuscript Publishing.

To promote various skills of students, decided to publish a magazine, in the name of KSWDC Women Cell. Too many writings and drawings from the students were received for the magazine. Students were cooperated in a good manner. The Writings and drawings were received from boys and girls from the college. It has been edited and published. It is named as ‘Ascent.’ It was published by College Principal, Dr. Johnson V.

4. Community Services

KSWDC Women cell members conducted too many community services during the months of December 2017 and January 2018. They include: Home visits of bedridden patients, awareness seminar on waste management, old age home visits etc.

Old age Home Visit :

X’MAS Celebration at Snehabhavan (Home for Homeless), Murickassery

On 22th December, the members of KSWDC - Women cell and the teachers celebrated Christmas with the inmates of Snehabhavan (home for the homeless), Murickassery. There were 27 Women Cell members with three faculties were gone there and spent time with them. There are 20 male inmates in the home having mentally challenged and old aged. The members of KSWDC -Women cell of Pavanatma College, Murickassery, arranged a Christmas carol with the inmates and distributed cakes and Sweets to them. They enjoyed a lot and also us. The members spent 3 hours there from 10 AM to 1PM. They sent us back with heartfelt greetings of X’MAS and New Year 2018.

Women’s day Celebrations

Debate Competition on ‘Is employment necessary for the women?’

Inter departmental Debate competition is arranged in association with Women’s Day Celebration as on 13th March, 2018 at 1.30 pm in the Seminar Hall on the topic, ‘Is Employment is necessary for the Women?’. The Seven teams were participated in the discussion including boys and girls. Sr. Bincy C J, Assistant Professor, Department of Malayalam was the moderator for Debate. From the debate discussion, Mr. Eldho Kuriakose (Department of Malayalam) is selected as the ‘Best Debater’ and the students of the Research and P G Department of Commerce, Mr.Albin Thankachan and Aleena is selected as the best Debate team. They were awarded with cash prize.

Programme Schedule


Welcome Address: Dr.B.Sindhu, Coordinator

Presidential Address: Dr.JohnsonV(Principal)

Moderator of the Debate: Dr.Sr.Bincy CJ

(Assistant Professor, P G Department of Malayalam)

Prize Distribution: Dr.Johnson V(Principal)

Vote of Thanks: Livya Xavier (Women cell Member)