IQAC functions under the chairpersonship of Principal with heads of key academic and administrative units, a few teachers and a few distinguished educationists and representatives of the local management and stakeholders as members. The composition of the IQAC is as follows:

1. Chairperson: Head of the Institution

2. Teachers to represent all levels (Assistant Professors and Associate Professors) (Three to eight)

 3. One member from the Management

 4. The senior administrative officer (Office Superintendent/Manager)

 5. One nominee each from the Local Society/Trust, Students and Alumni

 6. One nominee each from the Employer/Industrialists/Stakeholders

 7. One of the senior teachers as the Coordinator of the IQAC

Composition of IQAC 2018-19

IQAC Re Constitution 2019-20

IQAC Proceedings 2020-21

IQAC Proceedings 2021-22

IQAC Re Constitution 22-23

IQAC Re Constitution 23-24