BA.HISTORY(Model-II-Vocational with Forestry and Environmental History)

In general, the B.A. degree is the basic qualification required to pursue higher degrees by research, including the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. In India, a B.A. with a high grade average is also sufficient for graduate studies and the B.A. degree is typically accepted for entry into professional programs such as law or an M.B.A. program. 


1. To re-organize curriculum in traditional discipline of History so as to overcome the tedium of familiarity explicit in the conventional accounts given at the plus-two level.
2. To review the prevailing mode of instruction, evaluation and assessment.
3. To provide students with wider scope at graduate level itself in practically relevant and advanced areas of study and research.
4. To relate history discipline with practical needs and tasks.
5. To encourage multi-disciplinary approach.
6. To equip students with the capabilities to think, comprehend and present issues in the proper perspective.
7. To widen the optional parameters at graduate level.
8. To make students inquisitive and intellectually more sharp.
9. To give thrust on studying History subject as a process rather than an aggregate of finished state of affairs. It must be taught as a social science studying processes and human affairs in a developmental perspective. This requires a holistic approach opposed to the usual practice of dividing History into social political economic cultural and so on as independent facets.
10. The new approach opens up a terrain of knowledge much wider than what is given through the discipline based way of teaching and learning.

Area of coverage:  

 An undergraduate program that give emphasis to historical values, culture, traditions, institutional function and Socio-economic structure. The course also gives due attention to Economics, Statistics and Environmental history.

Job opportunities:    

 Research, Archaeology, Social work, Teaching.

Higher studies:       

 M.A. History, M.A. Archaeology, M.A. Musicology, MSW, M. Phil, Ph.D., PDS

Student strength:



To make the learning more effective and interesting Pavanatma provides Smart class rooms, Department Library and a Beautiful History Museum.