M. Sc. Chemistry (SF)

Life has changed in the past two centuries than in all the previously recorded span of human history in one way or another,all these changes involve chemistry. Chemistry is deeply involved in both the changes that take place in nature and profound social changes of the past two centuries.

The major objectives of M.Sc. Chemistry are:

•    To impart knowledge in all branches of chemistry
•    To create highly skilled man power in the subject area, this will lead to new generation of advanced knowledge and creation of wealth for country
•    To give a flavor of research and train the students for research career
•    To train the students to make them confident and capable of accepting any challenges in chemistry
•    To make the students aware of resources and make them capable of mining the data

Area of coverage:

A Post Graduate Program that give emphasis to organic, inorganic and Physical Chemistry in its advanced level comprising of both theoretical and practical approach of these areas.

Job opportunities:

Teaching, Research, Chemist in various industries

Higher studies:

M. Phil, Ph. D, M. Tech  

Student strength:



To make learning more effective the Department of Chemistry provides Lab facility, Department library and an efficient smart class room for the students of pavanatma.